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In Praise of Unhappiness

Emilio Lledó

If happiness is a process, a struggle on several fronts, the same might be said of unhappiness, the theme of Lledó's new book, which is a collection of nine essays written over the past five years.

Midnight in History. Comentary on Walter Benjamin's Theses: "On the Concept of History".

Manuel Reyes Mate

The author take us to the heart of Walter Benjamin´s famous essay On the Concept of History and so reconstruct that "theoretical framework." This is no easy task because this work is fragmentary and written in Benjamin's characteristically austere prose.

The Human Nature

Jesús Mosterín

In recent years we have discovered many things about evolution, the genome and the brain. For the first time in history we are in a position to start to give a reliable answer to the question of what we are. And that is what this ambitious book tries to do.

Even by a Nation of Devils: Democracy, Liberalism and Republicanism

Félix Ovejero

In the first part of the book, the author shows that liberal arguments are, in fact, the result of institutional problems of liberalism. The second part of the book focuses on republican tradition and its idea of democracy.

The Rule of the Game. On the Difficulty of Learning Philosophy

José Luis Pardo

The book attempts to find the rules of the game that guide the innumerable activities of our everyday lives. With the thread of time and sense, the author knits a fascinating discourse that encompasses global pedagogical and political appreciations.

The Malaise of Democracy

Víctor Pérez-Díaz

This incisive essay explores the generalized malaise that exists in liberal democracies and warns of the need to find out if  these societies are sufficiently prepared to face their representative and existential problems.

Eternal Life

Fernando Savater

 God is elbowing his way into the front stage of the world theater again. This book is about religion, or more pointedly religions: what does belief entail? In what do we believe or not believe?

The Age of Spirit

Eugenio Trías

The experience of the sacred, the superhuman, has been simultaneously transforming and modifying the way in which human beings conceive the universe and themselves. This is the starting point that invites us to a different voyage throughout the history of knowledge.


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