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Fundación Santillana Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes


Heart of Darkness

Eugenio Trías

For Eugenio Trías , in the current world evil tends to be consistently removed from reality. In this article, he attempts to show that, in order to become ontologically reconciled with the darker side of our beings ─that "heart of darkness" masterfully described by Joseph Conrad─ one should turn to Freud. Trias reminds us that no one else has been able to walk through the infernal realm of the subject's Dantean subconscious. He dares to delve into human beings' darkest dungeons....

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Ramon Llull: A Logic of Invention

Amador Vega

In a passage from Ramon Llull´s Abre qüestional   [The Tree of Questions] a disciple asks the master the following question: "Question: Why do people die? Answer: The bottle breaks and the wine gushes out." [1] During a conference held in 1997 in Freiburg, Germany, dedicated to Ramon Llull´s  Arbre de ciència  [The Tree of Knowledge], a group of philosophers that specialise in medieval logic and semantics wrestled with...

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The Burden of Work

Vicente Verdú

It could be said that the scarcity of work provoked by the crisis that cornered Western economic and financial systems at the end of the 21st century would make it difficult to complain about work. Or, in the words of Vicente Verdú , speaking badly of work would be a mortal sin. Yet the working life of the average worker implies a number of disappointments and discouraging events that do not encourage belief in a better future. The system of incentives and breaks seems to alleviate...

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The Rhetoric of “Yes We Can”

Darío Villanueva

   Darío Villanueva outlines the history and significance of the rhetorical tradition and highlights the striking persistence of the power of the word in American politics. Even in our high-tech age, a three-word tagline -"Yes We Can"- carries devastating clout. The Greek sophists -the original masters of rhetoric, notorious for their appetite for influence rather than truth- would be both impressed by the abiding power of their art, and dismayed that, in the...

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